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my name is nobody. start there.

i've been clocking ten or more hours a day on the 'net since i was eight. my fingertips feel more comfortable on the board than i feel in a conversation. whenever i'm away from my deck, i start to feel homesick.

i don't like talking about myself too much. maybe it's emotional trauma, maybe it's nostalgia for the "don't put your real name online" era of the internet. i don't know, maybe the world would be a better place if we all talked a bit less about ourselves.

i spend my nights lurking on chicago rooftops, hyped up on enough caffeine to bring myself to write. i enjoy writing— it's like talking, but without having to worry about social etiquette. i enjoy caffeine, too— it's like drugs, except i get to keep all of my teeth.

i talk a lot about liberty, transparency, decentralization, and privacy. i don't think this should be a surprise given the whole retro-revival of cyberpunk shtick, but every so often there's a person that's uncontrollably appalled at the idea that cyberpunk is about more than neon lights and triple-tittied cyborgs. i blame blade runner.

nevertheless, welcome to nowhere.
please enjoy your stay